Training & Placement Cell

Training and Placement Cell

The Department of Training and Placements strives hard to provide all possible assistance to students in their efforts to join the workforce. The department is committed to provide meaningful employment opportunities for the students, apart from also creating awareness and avenues for the students to pursue other career goals. This commitment is reflected in the overall placement statistics. Evidently, rising above the geographical challenges, the department has been able to enable students get in to worthwhile career preferences - job, entrepreneurship/ start-up, foreign studies/ higher studies etc.

The Training & Placement department operates actively round the year to facilitate opportunities ranging from vocational training to internship to jobs et el.

Training and Placement Policy and Guidelines

The placement policy is applicable to all students of Diploma final year and is to be followed for the entire duration of the placement season for the batch. Placement activities performed by Govt. Polytechnic Bijapur is a service extended to graduating students and does not carry any guarantee of a job opportunity.

  • All students of Diploma final year are eligible for placement services. Further, academic eligibility/ criteria is applied as per specifications of the company visiting for campus recruitment.
  • At the start of 4th semester of an diploma engineering batch, students are notified about Campus and monitored by the Department of Training and Placements, for various activities.
  • Each student is required to register mandatorily on this portal.
  • Registration on the portal requires the students to enter their personal academic and demographic details.

The institute strives hard in making students 'Industry-ready'. While trainings of technical nature are taken care of by the individual departments/ branches, trainings related to soft skills, campus recruitments, etc. are conducted by the Department of Training & Placements. The trainings are imparted with the objective of improving the chances of selection of the students participating in campus recruitment drives, but the same is neither guaranteed nor committed.

An undertaking (can be downloaded from the institute's website) is required to be filled and duly signed by student and his/ her guardian for the issue of bonafide certificate to be produced in the organization where the student wishes to undergo VT. Post the completion of VT, a copy of the certificate is also required to be submitted to the respective department/ branch in the manner as suggested by the department.

A student who shall undergo an internship is required to provide his/ her offer letter/ LoI from the company.