Our laboratories

We have one of the Best Engineering laboratories in Bijapur

Chemistry & Physics Lab

Engineering and Technology have become interdisciplinary with silence as a sciences contribute immensely to the development of engineering practices, For that we have design chemistry laboratory to furnish practicals as per the industrial needs of diploma engineering students.

Chemistry & Physics Lab Syllabus

Download Chemistry & Physics lab syllabus

Mechanical Lab

Student aware about all this machines principals, parts,mechanisms and operations with different cutting tools.also they know about safety and precaution during machine work.

Mechanical Lab Syllabus

Electrical Lab

the curriculum cover majority of the digital circuits studied in theory like logic gates, multiplexers, de-multiplexers, encoders, decoders, adders, subtractors, flip-flops, counters, registers etc. Digital electronics is also the base of computer technology.

Electrical Lab Syllabus

Civil Lab

Our surveying lab offers supplemental experience in fundamental land surveying measurement methods for surveying courses, including precision steel taping methods to perform horizontal measurements, traditional transits and digital theodolites to perform angular measurements, and traditional and automatic levels for elevation measurements.

Civil Lab Syllabus